About Gill Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Group, Inc.

Here at our professional practice, we do more than offer basic treatment. We work hard to provide an assortment of benefits to each of our patients, no matter what her background happens to be.

Param K. Gill, MD Jasbir S. Gill, MD Vincent P. Pennisi, MD Darrell R. Burns, MD Linda Bouchard, M.D. Catherine Mathis, M.D. Harjit Sud, MD Thomas Streeter, MD 
David Eibling, MDMaya Nambisan, MD Maria E. Escalona, M.D. Jacqualin Miller, DO Maria Escalona, MD William Colliflower, M.D. Eugenia L. Hurlbut, D.O. Chikanele Okorie, M.D. Kayla Mapps, M.D. Kimberley E. Fillmore, M.D.Ofelia G. Ortiz, M.D. Gail R. Joseph, M.D. Alecia N. Russell, D.O. David J. Russell, D.O.
Lynette Bird, RNP Vicki Patterson, RNP Linda Colliflower, RNC, NP